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There are many churches in the Greater Boston Area.  But what makes our church a great place of worship!


Our church is a place where rejected people are accepted; despised people are esteemed; faithless people build faith in the Word of God; impossibilities turn into miracles; sick people are healed; destroyed families are rebuilt; hopeless people become hopeful; unloved people are cherished; and life becomes meaningful because of the power of the gospel.

The gospel has also transcended racial and ethnic lines by bringing people from different backgrounds together in one integrated holy community of Christian believers.  Thus, we are a house of prayer for all nations.   

Thank you for choosing our church! 

Rev. B. K. Akeem

Founder & Overseer 



Sunday at 10:00 am, and 11:00 am   

Friday at 6:00 pm 

Wednesday at 6:30 pm 

Tel. 857.389.0830

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"The Gospel is the Power of God..." (Rom. 1:16).